Monday, January 23, 2012

A poster from wall street protester to Parastoo Dokouhaki

Daniel one of 99 people who engagedto occupy Wall Street Movement and "campaign 99" has designed a poster for Parastoo Dokouhaki"Parastoo! Hearing your story makes my heart really heavy. I hope that you know that what you have done these years gives us strength. And it emboldens us to act more strongly and with greater strength. It’s very loud here. And it’s hard for me to kind of focus on how does this make me feel, because it feels like a real honor to talk to somebody who is fighting for freedom in a repressive regime. I do feel that your struggle is our struggle in a very real way. We are completely united. The illusory boundaries that have been created between us, real revolutionaries know that they are not there. And they are nothing but ideas. I am excited for the day that we all agree that they don’t exist. I hope that I can meet you who are doing a really hard work that needs to be done. And I wouldn’t be here without people like you. None of would be here. So thank you"

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